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Book a weekend stay, relax in style and then take in the local entertainment in our basement theater, without ever leaving the mansion. Be sure to see the stage and dressing rooms on your tour of the mansion, included in your stay. If you plan on an afterparty, we can accomodate your wishes and arrange for the theater space to be available.


To see our current theatrical production and a list of all upcoming shows, be sure to visit:


Some of our previous productions have included:

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A Most Enjoyable Evening - For five years, the Brumder Mansion has premiered original murder mystery productions, but last night was our first visit. We arrived early and had an opportunity to walk from room to room on the 1st floor of the mansion, viewing the vintage furnishings and art. When the time came for the theater performance, we walked down the stairs to the basement where we found a lovely, intimate theater. The play was called "Death by Design." It was well written, well acted and very funny. We enjoyed a very entertaining evening and we will certainly return in the future to view other plays.

- rockledgewi

We were badly in need of relaxation, and boy, did we find the right place! We were lovingly welcomed by Tom 1. Tom 2 carried my suitcase upstairs, and Wonderful Tom 3 (Tom Carr), his queen Julie, and Tom 1 kept us feeling welcomed and loved. They fed us awesome food, unlimited booze. On Sunday evening, we were treated to a FREE and awesome play in the intimate basement theater. WE HAD A BLAST. We will definitely visit again. Did I tell you that this place has 3 Toms!!

- Akshat Vyas

I've been to 3 shows so far at the Brumder Mansion, and they amaze me every time! I can't wait to see what's lined up for the summer.

- Shana Wms

Little Gem of Milwaukee - This was our first experience to a b&b. We were a little hesitant, however this place exceeded all our expectations. We arrived and were immediately received by the owner, Tom. He carried our luggage in and made us feel welcome. We stayed in the Emma suite, which is the newest addition therefore we did not see any ghosts...which was fine by us! The two person jacuzzi tub was over the top luxurious. Not to mention, the fully stocked beverage fridge in the hall which made for a very relaxing evening. If you stay here, don't forget to write about your experience in the journal on the nightstand. Tonya truly made our first b&b visit a total success. We will absolutely be back! The breakfast was delicious and don't forget to have Tom give you a tour of the theater!

- Mary L