Wine and Cheese Tastings

Experience Wine and Cheese
At The Mansion!

Jeff Cox, alias the Head Wine Guy, has been associated with the wine industry for about 30 years.

He began Wine Maniacs in 2002 with a group of friends as a wine club because of the typical frustration in trying to buy great wines in typical liquor stores. You know the deal, the whole liquor store roulette thing, sometimes you get lucky, most times not so much.

Ironically (story way too long) he wound up owning a liquor store (Flannery’s II) in 2004 and that’s when Debbie joined in the fun. In all of this havoc however, Jeff never lost his consumer perspective. The end result is Jeff’s very unique approach to drinking, buying and ultimately enjoying wine. Jeff says “it’s impossible to know what you want if you cannot access and experience the possible.” Jeff as the HWG feels every wine experience should be fun and positive regardless of your appreciation of a specific wine. It is all about tasting and learning under the best possible circumstances. “People tend to take the wine experience far too seriously. After all the first wine was just grape juice someone left out too long”.

The Brumder Mansion
3046 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208


(414) 342-9767

For those interested in enjoying an elevated experience, while taking the time to appreciate the tastes, textures, and combinations of wine and cheese, come to the Brumder Mansion. Expand your wine tasting knowledge during this presentation of eight flights of wine. Our wine tasting experience begins with a wine tasting presented by Wine Maniacs’ Head Wine Guy, Jeff Cox and ends with a tour of the Brumder Mansion bed and breakfast, a turn of the century Victorian mansion. For your enjoyment, there will be a lovely selection of Wisconsin cheese as well as dessert served.

Enjoy a fun, friendly experience celebrating good taste and great friends here at the mansion. Jeff, our local head wine guy, will present a great selection of wines, four reds and four whites, sure to please any palette. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining and knows how to pick great wines at great prices.

Reservations are required. Our first tasting will be held from 7-9pm on Wednesday, February 21st and will cost *$30 per person.

Call Maureen at (414) 342-9767 for availability and more information.

*Included in the cost of the tasting is a $30.00 gift card to be used towards the rental of a luxury room with a hot tub. Gift card can be used personally or used as a gift.